New Window Treatments can really Brighten your Home

A window is your link between the beautiful outdoors and your safe, cozy home, that is why it is important to have new up today windows from Schantz Home Improvement. Having stunning window treatments ensures that your home will remain bright and open during the day and safe from prying eyes at night, all the while saving you money.

Without a window covering, your house is just a fishbowl, letting everyone see in at night and offering nothing to the design aesthetics. However, different window coverings are appropriate for different styles and décors. Choosing the right one for your home’s style ensures that you will have a beautifully lasting facade that everyone can appreciate. For extremely wide windows, consider vertical blinds.

New Window Treatments can really Brighten your Home

New Window Treatments can really Brighten your Home

These blinds are hung across a strip on top, allowing them to fit any sized window by just adding additional blinds. If your home has a more rustic feel, try a wooden horizontal blind, which harkens back to an older time withsimpler styles. If privacy is your primary concern, consider silhouette or Luminette shades. They allow some light in while diffusing it, creating a much softer tone indoors and preventing peeping from outside.

With child and pet resistant mechanisms to ensure that only adults can raise and lower them, Silhouette shades in particular, are an excellent choice if you have the dual concern of both safety and privacy. Shutters are another option, offering a much stiffer and more permanent window treatment that will stand the test of time, all the while looking fabulous.

High quality window treatments not only make the home look better, but can improve its value as well. In many houses, untreated windows allow heat to escape in the winter, and light in during the hottest part of the day in the summer. A good honeycomb shade can limit the ability of the sun to dramatically heat the inside of your rooms during the summer by both blocking light and using the air pockets in between the fabric to trap hot air where it cannot circulate throughout the room. More efficient homes translate into higher value, as potential buyers consider the expected costs for heating and cooling it.

Of course, picking out an alluring window covering isn’t enough, proper installation is important as well. That is why a professional who can come and attach those blinds, shades, or shutters is essential. There has been too many times where otherwise excellent shades have been ruined by an unskilled worker. Don’t try to save a few dollars on the install only to have it come down after a week or during the first storm.

Windows are just as important as any other part of your home’s look and are one of the biggest sources of lost money due to heating and cooling costs. Getting a delightful set of window coverings from a well-established online company, like Affordable Blinds (head over to ensures that your home’s value is maintained and you can live a bright, safe life.

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Bay Windows For The Win

Doing home improvement projects can be very fun, since they both add value to your home and beauty. If you want to put in new bay windows as a way to improve the quality of your home and the way it looks, you can start by thinking about what kind of money you have to spend on the new bay windows from Jayhawk Exteriors Inc. Bay windows come in all different prices, so you will most likely be able to find something to fit most budgets.

You may find that your budget is too low to get the bay windows and have them professionally installed. If this is the case, you should probably put off getting the windows installed until you have the money that is needed to successfully complete the project.

Bay Windows

Bay Windows

Don’t skimp on the budget just to save a few bucks, as you will regret it later if your windows leak or some other problem arises.

Finding the windows that will be best for your home will depend on a number of factors. One factor to think about is how much money you have to spend. Another factor will be the type of windows that you like and what will look good in your home. The last factor to consider is the size of the windows you have in there already. This is going to control what windows you can buy, unless you want to pay to have the hole resized.

Doing this would make the cost of the installation of your bay windows much higher, so it is not recommended. It is really up to you, but it is strongly urged that you choose new windows that are the same size as your old bay windows. When you have the windows in hand, you can look at the cost to get them installed as well as the cost of decorating them with bay window curtains.

Installation is important, since you will want to make sure they are properly fitted. If you want to do the project yourself, make sure you have the knowledge necessary to do it. This will prevent you from making mistakes that will cost you time and money to fix!

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How to Paint over Wallpaper

When it comes to removing wallpaper, it can be a complete nightmare. It takes a lot of work trying to scrape every last bit of it off. It’s really no wonder why someone would consider just simply painting over it. The only thing that may really worry a homeowner about painting over wallpaper is if it would look good and would be applied the same as it is on a wall. The experts at F&B Painting can help you paint your whole house even over the wallpaper.

To begin the process of painting over wallpaper, first examine the wall to ensure that there are no loose or peeling strands. If you find any, remove them and smooth out the surface as nicely as you can. If you need to, glue the loose pieces back down in place.

How to Paint over Wallpaper

How to Paint over Wallpaper

You can use some joint compound for this task, so you can also fill in gaps, creases, and holes. After the compound has dried, take some sand paper and smooth it down to an even level with the rest of the wall.

Depending on the color of the wallpaper, you may need to apply a coat of sealer. If your wallpaper is a bright or neon color, then go ahead and move past this step and onto the primer. If the wallpaper is dark, then put on some sealer before priming it.

Remember to let each coat dry before applying a new one. After the wall is primed, the rest of it is pretty much the same. You can try a new painting method, however, if you would like to. It’s a spray method you can get in a tool called a Paint Zoom. If you buy Paint Zoom, you can also get a Paint Zoom warranty.

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