Add Life To Your Child’s Bedroom Without Breaking the Bank

A child’s bedroom is his or her refuge area, but unless he or she is old enough to decide what kind of look one wants for his bedroom, you are responsible for decorating it. At various stages of a child’s life the bedroom will need to be upgraded or redecorated to keep up with changing age and personality.

Unless you go in for complete remodeling and renovation, changing furniture and the whole look of the room, which costs a lot of money, you can still make significant changes to the décor without having to break the bank. Here’s how to change the décor of the room easily:

Add Life To Your Child’s Bedroom Without Breaking the Bank

Add Life To Your Child’s Bedroom Without Breaking the Bank

Clear the clutter – whatever the age of your child there will be stuff which needs to be organized and cleared. For this you will need storage solutions in the form of boxes, buckets, bags or closet organizers. Depending on the space you have, you should buy the appropriate storage containers and keep all the items neatly and, more importantly, out of sight.

Bedding – when you change the entire bedding, including sheets, duvet and pillow covers, it instantly changes the look of the room because the bed is usually the focal point of the room, being the largest piece of furniture. Buying age and sex appropriate bedding will enhance the look of the room and give it a lift.

Rugs – a floor rug can be used to demarcate areas of the room and can be matching or contrasting with the décor of the room.

Curtains – opt for different curtaining options, either simple or with valances, light or heavy, depending on the size of the window and the amount of light you want coming into the room.

Lighting – changing light fixtures to go with the rest of décor is not expensive. Add some lamps for reading. Change the bulbs from incandescent to LEDs which give more light and are environmentally friendly as well as they consume less power.

Wall space – wall space can be used for many things: adding decals, framed art, photos, posters, bulletin boards and the like has an impact on the room décor and can also reflect the personality of the child. Additionally, shelves, wall racks, book shelves or hooks can be put on walls for storage.

As soon as your child is old enough, teach him or her the importance of maintaining the neatness of the room, putting away things and not leaving a mess. Of course with any upgrade there is an associated cost. A thrifty shopper can click here for information on Land of Nod coupons, or find other deals that allow you to buy all the items that you need to change the look of your child’s bedroom.

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