All You Need to Know about Mahogany Furniture

Mahogany refers to the trees or wood from the Swietenia Mahogani hardwood family. Variants of these are found worldwide. Mahogany trees can become as tall as 150 feet and as wide as 6 feet, therefore, when one is cut, you get boards with an even texture and straight grain.

This wood is reddish brown in color and will become darker over time. When it’s polished, it has a rich reddish glow and doesn’t need any stain to accomplish this. This is a large part of the appeal of mahogany wood.

Mahogany Furniture

Mahogany Furniture

Mahogany is used in the making of musical instruments. It’s used for the backs of drum shells, acoustic guitars and various electric guitars. This has also been a sought after material for boat and ship construction because it can resist bugs and water.

Now, one of the most popular uses of mahogany is in the building of fine furniture and cabinets. Mahogany is a very durable wood, which makes Mahogany furniture very popular. This is another great wood to make reproductions of antique furniture. It needs to be kiln dried first and inspected to be sure there’s no warping before building begins. Although some tree species are now extinct in some areas, the majority of mahogany furniture makers maintain a never ending supply of their wood as it’s now being grown on plantations specifically used for commercial purposes.

The large boards of the mahogany tree produces tables, desks and other types of furniture without any join lines or seams. It’s also pretty easy to work with since it’s very strong, easily sanded, and cuts cleanly. Because mahogany is solid and durable, furniture made from it can be passed down through many family generations. Maintaining the wood’s natural look can be done by applying coats of furniture wax 3 to 4 times yearly. This enhances the natural grain and helps care for the wood to help it last.

If you’re worried about buying furniture made from mahogany because of any possible environmental repercussion, you can find products that are FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council, certified. This is a non-profit independent agency that is concerned about responsible forestry. When you buy wood bearing the FSC stamp of approval, you’ll providing yourself with years of enjoyment and peace of mind that the future of mahogany is protected.

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