Artificial Topiary vs. Real Plants

If you’ve ever thought of decorating your home with plants, you’ve probably noticed that this can be a very serious undertaking to make them a success. Making an indoor garden is possible when you know what you’re doing. Conducting your research online can help you in caring for your indoor plants.

Real plants must be cared for properly. They need to be in a location where they get the right amount of light as well as having the best temperature maintained. In addition, they must get the right amount of watering. When you think about all of this, you’ll probably see that keeping a garden healthy isn’t fast or cheap.

Artificial Topiary vs. Real Plants

Artificial Topiary vs. Real Plants

If you lead a busy lifestyle, a better solution for you may be artificial topiary plants. There are some advantages to using them over real plants that can make this alternative highly attractive.

Consider the following:

Artificial plants don’t need watering: Since they’re not real, they’re never going to dry out and need water added to them. This saves you from having to find someone to care for them if you need to be away or go on vacation.

No allergy problems: The only thing you need to do to keep down any issues with allergies is to dust your artificial plants and pots on a regular basis. As there are no real flowers, there’s no pollen to aggravate allergy symptoms.

They won’t deteriorate: Most artificial plants and trees are constructed from material that’s UV resistant. This means they’re not going to dry up even if they get a lot of sunlight. You can set a plant wherever you want even if that’s next to an electric appliance or a power plug.

They don’t lose their leaves: Artificial and silk topiary trees never shed their leaves and they always have flowers, if you choose that type. There’s no waiting for the plant to bloom. You also don’t have to worry about a plant getting too big. They’ll always be the perfect size.

If you’re still not convinced that artificial topiaries are the way to go for you, have a look at some of the photos online that these websites show of their products. You’ll see that the realism they offer may be just what you need.

Nov 8th, 2011 | Posted in Interior Design
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