Choosing Furniture from Hawaii

All furniture seems to fit into one theme or another and some people like to recreate an entire era of history with the furniture they place in certain rooms. This is no different when thinking of Hawaiian themed furniture. While most people will think of long sandy beaches and hammocks when they hear Hawaiian furniture, that really isn’t what it is.

Hawaiian furniture has a long history that goes back to the Missionaries that came to the islands in the early nineteenth century. They brought with them the ideas and know-how of creating English furniture pieces and incorporated it with the local woods.

Choosing Furniture from Hawaii

Choosing Furniture from Hawaii

Since it would take a very long time to import wood from either the US or England, and the price of having it shipped was also very high, the craftsman would take the local wood and create pieces of furniture in the styles they were used to.

Add to this style a bit of island flair and you have a piece of Hawaiian furniture you can be proud of. Most of the furniture was created out of koa wood, which is the most popular wood for craftsman in Hawaii. Koa is extremely rich and warm, and has a great sturdiness to it that other hard woods lacked in the pacific islands.

Although with today’s ease of importing and transporting materials, you can find furniture being made from all kinds of wood, but it still has a unique Hawaiian flare to it. It is always the little things that draw your attention to the craftsmanship of furniture. Whether it’s a simple raised edging around the front or the intricate carved pieces that adorn the sides and legs, Hawaiian furniture is highly sought after by people that have a deep love for the islands.

If you were to go into a traditional Hawaiian home these days, you would find all kinds of furniture from all over the world, but the prized pieces of furniture that were traditional to the Hawaiians would definitely stand out before your eyes. You would be able to notice them as soon as you walked in the home and they would be more than happy to show these beloved pieces of furniture to you if you ask.

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