Cleaning Your Indoor Teak Furniture

While your indoor teak furniture is quite durable and can stand many years of use, it still needs to have a good spring cleaning so it will last you for many more years. A lot of people buy teak furniture because they feel it will provide them with gorgeous furniture that you don’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining. Teak furniture can go for months or years without a regular oiling or cleaning and still retain its original beauty.

You can ignore caring for your teak furniture for years, if you like. However, you may also notice that after a while, the teak wood will change in appearance. If you have indoor teak furniture, you’ll notice that it will darken over time. So what may have begun as an orange brown colored wood, will not become a dark brown shade. To keep this from happening to your teak furniture, you’re going to have to look after it.

When you set about cleaning your teak furniture, you need to thoroughly clean it before doing anything else. Dusting it regularly doesn’t keep away the dirt, dust and other debris from getting into the wood spaces. This is particularly true if part of your teak furniture includes tables that you eat on. Little crumbs of food can find their way into spaces between the pieces of wood. Over time, these food particles will damage the wood.

By starting your home improvement of cleaning the teak wood, wipe down the furniture using a cloth dipped in warm soapy water. Then check for any particles that might be in between the pieces of wood. If you find any, remove those. Then allow it to completely dry.

This is when you get to decide if you want your teak furniture to change colors or keep the original orange-brown shade. To maintain that shade, re-oil it after cleaning. Teak wood contains lots of natural oils but when you add a new layer after you clean and dry it, this offers a bit of extra support to keep it looking like new for many years.
Teak furniture is a great investment to get for your home. It will last for years and you can even decide if you want it to be a different color throughout the years.

Jun 17th, 2011 | Posted in Furniture 101
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