Concepts of Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is something that a lot of people look for when they decide to renovate or update their homes. A lot of people will spend years collecting just the right pieces to make their home look the way they want it to, and they will spend a lot of money doing it.

For the most part, antique furniture is a piece of furniture or a curio that is at least one hundred years old. There are numerous furniture aspects that represent a good antique piece of furniture. These include the hand carved adornments and carvings that are often found on the older pieces of furniture.

Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture

When it comes to shopping for, selecting and purchasing a piece of antique furniture, it helps if you have a strong knowledge of the piece and era you are looking for. While anyone can claim that the chair or desk you are looking at is antique, it takes a real knowledge of furniture and the time period it was made in to make sure that you are getting a real antique item.

You will also need to be able to look at a piece and tell if someone has restored it or added additional aspects that would make it worth a lot less money. That’s why you may want to consult with an antique expert.

The best example of antique furniture comes from the Victorian era. This furniture was made from dark hardwoods such as black walnut, and bog wood to create a lustrous deep look with regards to the rather large size. These pieces were ornately decorated with flowers, fruit, and even small animals and human figures.

The ornate decorations and skillful detailing of these pieces of furniture are what make them worth so much money. While just about anyone can create a piece of furniture these days, it was the love of the craft in years past that created such wonderful and artistic examples of beauty.

There are plenty of examples of American antique furniture, ranging from the Pilgrim furniture all the way to the Chippendale styles. But they were all based on English style furniture designs, even though they have a highly unique quality and appearance showing the settlers inherited distinct originality.

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