Considerations When Choosing Bathroom Furniture

Starting with the basics can make bathroom furniture selection much easier. Information in this regard shows that there are two basic types of bathroom furniture. These are antique styles and contemporary styles. Then, there’s the fitted and freestanding furniture. You must make your choices from these.

Bathrooms have been boasting antique furniture more and more during the past few years. Because of this, makers of bathroom furniture have been turning out new pieces in vintage styles. This type of furniture is somewhat ornate including adding things like mirror frames and edgings to the washbasin. In addition, the washbasins often have flower or animal motifs. Materials used are natural, like wood, and the color scheme runs darker.

Choosing Bathroom Furniture

Choosing Bathroom Furniture

Furniture of contemporary style has almost no ornamentation. Instead, it’s made of straight lines with sharp angles to provide a geometric look. Some contemporary styles do have curves such as sinks with oval pedestals. You’ll find more non-natural materials like ceramic, cast iron, and stainless steel, although natural materials such as stone and marble are often used. White bathroom furniture is used quite a bit in contemporary bathrooms.

When you’ve decided which look is best for your bathroom, you next must choose between freestanding and fitted furniture. Contemporary styles use fitted furniture more often. This makes use of vanities and cabinets being fitted into the room so that the simple and clean lines of the contemporary style are emphasized. Fitted furniture uses all available space in the bathroom by fitting cabinets and cupboards on the walls and in small spaces like corners.

Some people feel that a completely fitted bathroom appears too compact and, possibly a bit claustrophobic. So they prefer freestanding furniture. With this furniture there’s lots of space around it, providing a much more airy look and feel to the bathroom. Freestanding furniture can be moved around so you can change the way your bathroom looks without needing a total redesign.

The choice of bathroom furniture really comes down to the basics, which makes furniture selection much easier. Decide if you want the contemporary style or the antique style first. Then, you can choose fitted or freestanding furniture. When this is complete, start researching various styles and make your new bathroom a reality.

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