Custom Handmade Furniture – Purpose, Style and Measuring Up

Owning handmade furniture is a terrific investment for your home. If you are considering ordering some handmade furniture sometime soon, there are some items you should consider.

Custom Handmade Furniture – Purpose, Style and Measuring Up

Custom Handmade Furniture – Purpose, Style and Measuring Up

Item and Purpose

First, decide the item you wish to be handmade and how the item will be used. Do you want a custom made cupboard? What will the cupboard hold? Will it be holding lightweight crystal figurines or heavy antique books? What about a table? Will the table be used as a formal gathering place to hold materials and meals, or will it simply hold a lamp and a few decorations?

Expressing to a carpenter the purpose of the item he is creating will help guide him as he builds it. Getting some handmade furniture made is important to the look of your home and the sizing of the elements around it.


You will need to decide what type of style your piece of handmade furniture will take. Will it have a modern style with smooth lines and subtle curves, or will it have a more Gothic style with sharp decorations and ornate carvings? Are you not sure what style you should get? Consider the other items in the room your finished piece of handmade furniture will reside. You will want the new piece’s style to reflect the style of the neighboring furniture in the room. Decide on the style of your piece and communicate it to your carpenter.


Provide the specific measurements of the piece you wish a carpenter to build. Knowing where exactly you will place this item in you home will help you know how tall or long you wish it to be. Don’t forget subtle measurements as well, such as the height of the chairs or what level you wish drawers and handles to be located.


Decide out of what type of wood you wish your piece of furniture to be made. Do you want it to be lightweight or heavy? How long do you wish this piece of furniture to last? Are you considering having it stained? How much money are you willing to spend on the piece? All of these questions will help determine what type of wood is best for your project. You carpenter will be able to guide you into finding the right type of wood for your project.


Decide how you want your piece to be finished. Do you want it stained? How dark or light do you wish it to be? The finishing will be the first thing people notice about the furniture, so you will want to make sure it is perfect.

Follow these suggestions and order you own piece of customer furniture today!

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