Design a Room with Wood Floor Surfaces

A room with wood flooring evokes images of richness. It not only imparts a warm ambience to the room, it also lends an old world charm and also spells casual elegance. Decorating your house around a dark hardwood floor can add a lot of interest to the room.

Before you start buying things to decorate your room, decide on the look you want for your room. Is it casual elegance you seek? Or you want a country cottage look, rich Victorian look or a contemporary look? Once you have decided on a look you can decide on what things you want to add.

I believe whatever look you are planning for your house, it should always have something of you. A personal touch is essential.

To achieve the ever popular contemporary look you might use a white rug made of natural fibers or a rug made of bamboo this will set off the dark floor. Additionally you could use sofas that have a light colored fabric covering and tables made from dark wood.

You may also add a few items that you like to give a personal touch to the otherwise contemporary look.

If you are seeking the cottage look, this is one of those lived in looks that many want to achieve, try using a few floral print rugs and keep most of the décor in soft and pastel colors.

If it is the Victorian theme you seek then dark wood floors are just a perfect offset. An old Oriental rug would be just perfect for this look.

You could accentuate the dark hardwood floor or cover it with area rugs and other coverings. If you like the dark wood look, and want it to be noticed, use smaller and fewer rugs, this will give a warm and soft look to the room. If however you don’t want to expose the wooden surface too much either because you don’t like it much or your kids may damage the surface, pick a larger rug to cover the area. With this you could use the dark wood to just border the room.

You can place area rugs where you have made seating arrangement or runners in places that have walking paths. This not only looks attractive but also protects the dark hardwood surface.

If you’re looking to hire a professional, consider Alabama wood flooring companies who will definitely give you a competitive quote.

Mar 2nd, 2011 | Posted in Furniture 101
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