Furniture for Your Tiki Bar

If you love the Polynesian culture, then you probably are well aware of what a Tiki bar is and how great it can be to sit back and relax in. These exotic bars are modeled off of a Tiki hut that is found in the Polynesian Islands along the beach.

The materials used to make these huts are usually bamboo, with woven grass used to make the roof. If you have ever been to a tropical island before, you will be able to recognize these types of huts and get the sense of truly being on vacation.

Furniture for Your Tiki Bar

Furniture for Your Tiki Bar

One of the best ways to get that feeling of rest and relaxation that you find while on vacation is to build your own Tiki bar in your basement or, better yet, right next to your pool. Not only will you have somewhere to relax, but you will probably be the most well-known person in your neighborhood. You will be surprised at how many people want to come over to hang out in your private little getaway. But first, you have to get the furniture to create that Tiki feel and look.

The most important piece that you will need is the bar itself. You can make one of these out of bamboo, or if you are not much of a do it yourself person, you can find plenty of sites online that you can purchase a bamboo bar from and have it shipped to your home.

You should also have places for people to sit and tables for them to place their drinks. The chairs can also be made out of bamboo, but wicker will work just as well. You will need candles for lighting, and if it’s outside, it just wouldn’t be complete without a few Tiki torches!

For accents, you can create or purchase Tiki totem poles and various other Polynesian accessories to place on the walls for decoration. You might even consider getting a few of those hula girls that you can place on the tables and bar just to get a laugh out of. Just remember that the bar is only as good as the furniture you have placed in it, so detail means everything for your bar.

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Jun 29th, 2011 | Posted in Tiki Furniture
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