How to Paint over Wallpaper

When it comes to removing wallpaper, it can be a complete nightmare. It takes a lot of work trying to scrape every last bit of it off. It’s really no wonder why someone would consider just simply painting over it. The only thing that may really worry a homeowner about painting over wallpaper is if it would look good and would be applied the same as it is on a wall. The experts at F&B Painting can help you paint your whole house even over the wallpaper.

To begin the process of painting over wallpaper, first examine the wall to ensure that there are no loose or peeling strands. If you find any, remove them and smooth out the surface as nicely as you can. If you need to, glue the loose pieces back down in place.

How to Paint over Wallpaper

How to Paint over Wallpaper

You can use some joint compound for this task, so you can also fill in gaps, creases, and holes. After the compound has dried, take some sand paper and smooth it down to an even level with the rest of the wall.

Depending on the color of the wallpaper, you may need to apply a coat of sealer. If your wallpaper is a bright or neon color, then go ahead and move past this step and onto the primer. If the wallpaper is dark, then put on some sealer before priming it.

Remember to let each coat dry before applying a new one. After the wall is primed, the rest of it is pretty much the same. You can try a new painting method, however, if you would like to. It’s a spray method you can get in a tool called a Paint Zoom. If you buy Paint Zoom, you can also get a Paint Zoom warranty.

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