Lights for Every Room in Your Home

Even the most stylishly decorated room can look dull and dreary with inadequate lighting. When it comes to a home’s decorative design, however, lighting is too often overlooked, yet lighting is one of the most affordable and most effective ways to elevate a room’s style.

The right lighting banishes depressing shadows from corners, bathes the room in layers of light and displays the home’s furnishings their best advantage.

Lights for Every Room in Your Home

Lights for Every Room in Your Home

Professional interior designers understand that each room of the home benefits from layered lighting. Layered light comes from a variety of light sources. Lighting schemes typically begin by taking advantage of the available natural light in a room. Direct, indirect and ambient light are added according to the room’s decorative style and practical function.

In a bathroom, for example, direct lighting is essential for grooming tasks. The right ceiling lights for the bathroom can provide direct lighting, as can wall sconces installed on either side of the sink vanity mirror. Recessed ceiling lights for the bathroom can provide indirect and ambient lighting as well, by directing them to bounce of walls or by creating pools of light in specific locations.

Kitchens demand a variety of light fixtures. An overhead pendant light fixture for the kitchen provides general lighting. The design of this important light fixture helps establish the style of the room as well. Task lighting may be provided by under-cabinet lighting fixtures. Ambient kitchen lighting includes lights installed in glass-paneled cabinets and under toe-kicks.

Creating a lighting scheme for every room is made easier with the assistance of a reputable retailer. Next Day Lighting not only offers an extensive collection of lighting solutions for every room but enjoys a reputation for exceptional customer service too, with expert staff ready to assist clients with advice and technical information. To view the entire collection of lighting products available to buy online visit

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