New Furnitures for Designers Utilize Art

Art and furniture have always had a rather close relationship from the 1920s when the Art Deco style was first introduced. This was true even though this art inspired furniture was frequently expensive and difficult to fit into a traditional home. That’s why most of this type of furniture was typically found in the houses of wealthy art collectors because it was interesting but not practical.

All of that is now changing. You’ll see art turning up in some rather interesting locations. Metal and woodworking are starting to be fused to create practical yet whimsical furniture. There are bookcases that come with intricately carved designs, or in unexpected sizes and shapes. What used to be just bulky storage shelves are now the central points in a room. Such things as mirrors and detailed wall hangings are also sporting elaborate designs.

Space that was once bland and unexciting can now become a showcase for your artful décor. Everything can be found from Monet to Picasso paintings appearing on nightstands, dressers and dining tables. It’s not possible to add art to your rooms without sacrificing storage or surface space. This type of furniture allows for practicality as well as imagination, which also lets you set up an atmosphere of excitement and interest at an affordable price.

If you can find reproductions of art inspired furniture pieces, these are usually reasonably priced. They can be found in boutique style home decorating shops. If you prefer original pieces, these will cost a bit more. Something that’s really great about using furniture of this style is that you can find something to fit your décor no matter what.

Now, if you happen to want to sell this type of art inspired furniture and you live in London, there are many website designers in London that you can contact to put together a professional website for you. People can find you in this way and contact you for more information on buying your furniture pieces. So if you’re creative and artistic, this can be the perfect way for you to make a good income while also enjoying what you do.

There are two sides to the artistic furnitures of designers: the buyers and the sellers. You can even design your own artistic furniture pieces if you’re talented in that regard. Either way, this can be lucrative in the world of decorating.

Jul 27th, 2011 | Posted in Furniture 101
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