Peaceful Japanese Interior Design

People in the West love the thought of having Japanese interior design qualities in their own homes. The soft and simple lines and muted colors add a bit of tranquility and balance to their lives that they can’t find in other more exotic designs.
The Japanese use the concept of Feng Shui in all of their interior design aspects, harnessing the inherent powers of yin and yang to help direct the flow of energy through the house and each individual room. They also tend to use bright colors to break up the muted concept, but these colors are used sparingly.

Japanese Interior Design

Japanese Interior Design

Japanese interior design functions the best with natural light but sometimes this is not available, so they will use a soft light to enhance the atmosphere of a room, instead. Most Japanese have an indoor garden to stick with the bringing of the outside in to help curb the balance of modern man made electronics and harsh surfaces.

All of these aspects help keep a traditional Japanese home clean and comfortable while maintaining a functional attitude towards everyday life. They also like to use space flexibly by providing sleeping areas in living areas, separating them with screens instead of walls.

Japanese homes use natural earth tones as their base color. These tones represent the natural aspects of sand, stone, and soil as building blocks for nature. The addition of brighter colors will represent the advancement of life in the void that is our universe. These colors would be seen as animals, flowers, and other plant life that thrives outside. But these colors are used sparingly so that they do not overpower the natural essence of the home. A Japanese home has no clutter to speak of either.

The Japanese love the idea of functionality over material hoarding. Everything in a Japanese home is useful in one way or another and there is nothing that is used just to show off one’s wealth. A traditional Japanese home is one of simplistic solitude where you can find warmth and rest without feeling uncomfortable by being surrounded by objects. The ability to use smooth lines and muted colors gives you a feeling that matches the natural aesthetic that you find throughout nature in Japan.

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