Performing Rodent Pest Control By Yourself

Having rodents in houses it always an unsettling experience. These pests are often bearers of germs that cause serious illnesses. Effective ways of implementing rodent pest control is to seal entries for rodents. To do this, one must first remove any open food and treat water leaks in the house. Food and leaks in pipelines attract rodents, so it is important to store all food items in air-tight containers. Any opening that can prove to be entries for rodents should be stuffed with steel wool.

Escutcheon rings, that are available in hardware stores, are effective plumbing options because the rings cover the hole that pipes go through. To ensure safety, one can seal the ring with steel wool and cover it with spray foam. Once the entry points have been sealed off, one can use peppermint to ward off rodents.

Since its smell repels rodents, one can pour peppermint extract into cotton balls and place them in rodent infected areas. Sprinkling baking soda around the house is also a natural way of dealing with rodent pest control. One can also buy traps from the market that help in catching and killing rats and mice. These are easily available in general stores and come in various forms.

If all the remedies listed above fail, one should seek the help of professionals who are experts at getting rid of rodents. Professional rodent pest control companies employ various methods to drive away rodents. These are mostly non-chemical.

They are adept at detecting the rodents from their hiding places and removing them. While many consider professional help to be expensive, it must be remembered that these expenses are actually quite minimal when compared to the harm rodents can cause if they are left untreated in houses.

Feb 8th, 2015 | Posted in Furniture 101
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