The Benefits of Having Wide Plank Flooring

Wood flooring provides exceptional visual and aesthetic appeal to any home. While wood flooring has always been popular, there has been a recent influx in demand for wide plank flooring because it adds a warm and rich feeling to any room and provides a variety of other benefits.

Families looking to create lasting memories in a home will naturally be drawn to real solid hardwood floors because of the elegant appearance combined with the natural durability of wood floors. Unlike standard carpets that have a somewhat bland and common feel, wood floors stand out. They immediately transform a room and can come in a variety of styles and colors to match any design theme.

The Benefits of Having Wide Plank Flooring

The Benefits of Having Wide Plank Flooring

Builders have used solid hardwood floors in homes for many years. In fact, hardwood floors were used clear back in the colonial era and it is still popular hundreds of years later in the modern society. Skilled carpenters are employed and are able to lay out beautiful wooden planks in patterns and styles that are completely unique. No other flooring type can replicate the design and quality of wide plank wooden floors.

So what are some benefits of wide plank wooden flooring?

Easy installation – Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to hire a professional to install your new floor, you can easily do it yourself! Many types of wood flooring simply lock together and can be done in just a few hours!

Maintenance – Unlike rugs that need to be constantly deep cleaned because dirt and bacteria builds up deep in the fabric, wood floors need very little maintenance. Sweeping a floor takes only moments and is a lot easier than hauling out a vacuum and dealing with cords!

Investment – If you are looking to sell your home then updating some of your old carpet floors to wide plank wood floors will significantly enhance the value of the home. Not only will buyers be more attracted to it, but the value of the home will increase as well!

Allergies – if you or your child has allergies then carpets can be a constant source of angst. Since carpets trap dirt, dander, dust, and pet hair, your sinuses can constantly be assaulted by allergens stuck in the carpet! Fortunately wood floors can easily be cleaned within moments allowing you to be rid of allergens and enjoy your home!

Beauty – Overall wood floors are some of the most beautiful and rich flooring options available. They really enhance the look of any room and bring out a warm feeling that makes you feel instantly at home.

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