The Different Types of Door Handles

Although it may not seem that important, matching wall fittings and features around the home are essential to guarantee consistency and attractiveness. Whilst most people fail to notice what colour or material a light switch is when they visit a person’s home, they will notice the sheer perfection of an interior if it matches in every aspect that it can.

Whether its light switches, plug sockets or door handles that are matching, all will help to create the perfect finish to a newly decorated room or home.

The Different Types of Door Handles

The Different Types of Door Handles

There’s a huge selection of styles and designs that can be found online or from the majority of furniture and hard ware stores.


Both sleek and sophisticated, a brass door handle is a popular choice amongst home owners and interior designers. However, these types of handles do require a large amount of attention to keep them in good condition. If brass handles are ignored then the need to replace them will come before expected.


One of the more unique options for material is the use of leather. These door handles have the distinct advantage of getting better with age as slight wear and tear will not affect the appearance of the material. Although the handle may appear aged, it will offer a classy element to the overall look of the room.


If, however, elegance is what is sought after then porcelain is the best option. The need to clean these is of immense importance. If this type of material is not properly looked after then there is little point in investing.

Stainless Steel

Ideal for the outdoors, this type of handle is extremely enduring and will stand the test of time against weather and temperature. If consistency is needed throughout both the interior and exterior of a home then chrome door handles can also be purchased to feature inside the home.

Whichever material is decided upon, ensure that similar fittings and functional devices are also consistent with the style and design of the door handles.

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