Tips for Buying Authentic Designer Furniture

Shopping for designer furniture can be a tricky business as there are plenty of stores both on the high street and online which will try and sell you copies of the original designs.

These copies don’t come cheap, but you may be tempted as they will invariably be cheaper than the original designer model. These copies are manufactured using inferior materials and are most certainly not produced by master craftsmen who are highly trained in the manufacturing of the specific pieces. Original designer furniture is made using the highest quality materials and the craftsmen are specifically trained in the manufacturing of the pieces, coupled with the genuine design this results in a piece of original designer furniture which will last a lifetime, bring you so much pleasure and will be passed from generation to generation.

There are some things to look for when buying designer furniture, tell tale marks from the manufacturers which indicate that you are buying an original. A Tulip table (designed by Eero Saarinen for the Knoll Company) for example has a chrome plaque under the table. The plaque shows the year 1956 (when the piece was first launched) and the signature of Eero Saarinen alongside “Knoll Studio”. If the plaque is not present then the piece is a fake.

The Eames chair is also a design which is regularly copied, the design of the Eames lounge chair is a design classic, at once elegant and perfectly proportioned but also practical and comfy. Original Eames chairs are made in Germany and so if your chair was made elsewhere then it is a copy, and I would recommend investing in a quality original rather than a poorer copy. The Eames Lounge chair (and the accompanying Ottoman) has a stamp which has Charles Eames’ signature on as well as “Original Eames Lounge Chair Vitra”, so keep an eye out for this stamp if you are looking to buy one. You really won’t be disappointed this could easily be the comfiest chair on the planet.

Buying original designer furniture can be tricky and there are plenty of people out there ready to trip you up and swap your cash for a poor copy of the design classic you really want to own. My top buying tip though is:

If it seems too good to be true it could well be, the chances are a piece of furniture with a huge discount is a copy masquerading as an original. Take care out there but persevere and you could be enjoying a truly beautiful piece of furniture in your home for years to come.

Mar 30th, 2011 | Posted in Modern Furniture
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