Unique Enclosures for Outdoor Patios

One of the nicest additions to a home is a unique enclosure for your outdoor patio. It not only enhances the appearance of your home, but it keeps those annoying insects away from you while you enjoy the outside. You’ll also add value overall to your house.

You can use an enclosed patio for such things as playing ping pong, having a picnic, and just reading where you can relax while enjoying some fresh air. Since this patio space is now enclosed and safe from the weather, you can add a ceiling fan to provide even more comfort.

Enclosures for Outdoor Patios

Enclosures for Outdoor Patios

Glass patio enclosures can provide a solar heated space during the winter. It will also keep the rooms closest to the patio warm, cutting down on heating costs.

Enclosing an outdoor patio is a simple way to add a bonus room or den to your house. It would be particularly easy to do if the patio already has a cement slab and sturdy cover or roof. All you have to do is put up walls and install windows and you’ve got extra living space. You can even add an outdoor fireplace.

Outdoor patio enclosures are available in many variations ranging from simple to elegant. You can choose removable or permanent styles. There are Plexiglas, screen, and glass enclosures you can get. You can also get some that can be installed in a day and can be put up on your patio or deck without any expensive preparations.

An enclosed outdoor patio is a lot more than just an extra room. They offer you and your family a sanctuary where you can relax. The combination of comfort and natural light will make this the most popular room in your house. These rooms are significantly easier and less expensive to install. Cooling and heating these rooms cost a lot less, too.

The most important concern with enclosing an outdoor patio is in keeping the roof adequately supported by a solid foundation. A cement foundation can have added tile, pavers or brick installed as a floor. This gives you a stylish floor while also ensuring that your roof is safe.
Installing a glass room, sunroom or patio often takes two weeks or less with minimal mess. Most of the time you don’t need permits, but if you do, they aren’t very expensive. Even better, outdoor patio enclosures don’t need a lot of modifications to your house.

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