Updating your Outdated Furniture

Back in our grandparents’ day, the thought of purchasing new furniture just to stay in style was ludicrous. Back then, new furniture was bought only when absolutely necessary. This was when something completely fell apart and couldn’t be repaired, or the family dynamic changed and a larger piece was needed.

With the economy the way it’s been lately, you may not be able to afford purchasing new furniture, either. However, you can update your furniture to make it almost new.

Updating your Outdated Furniture

Updating your Outdated Furniture

One of the best pieces to update will be a case piece. These pieces are also some of the easiest to update as all you’ll need to do is apply a darker stain to it. Use a brush to apply the stain and simply rub it off. Now, you have an instant antique. If you really want it to look authentic, you can rub on a light cream or grey color to give it that lived in cottage look. The paint and stain will fill in the scratches and nicks acquired over time and give a newer look to it.

Painting an old piece of furniture gives it a new feel that goes great with any décor. Just make sure you’re matching it to the room colors or it will look drastically out of place. You’ll also want to tighten anything that might be loose on it such as legs, handles, or hinges.

If you need to, replace old hardware or screws with new ones. Once all of this is done, decorate it any way you want. This can be done with sponges or even cutouts applied to the outside. Now, you just have to seal it with a polyurethane sealant. This will help it retain its new look for years.

If you use this technique, you can have almost all of your furniture looking like new in no time. Just remember to let it sit at least 24 hours in between coats to make sure it sets right. If you need extra help, you can always find information online or at your local library. There are all kinds of internet sites that you can look through that will give you hints and tips of different ways to decorate your pieces.

May 8th, 2011 | Posted in Furniture 101
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