Victorian Furniture History

During the 1800’s, Britain started to become the world’s greatest power because of its industrialization and manufacturing techniques. Invention and mechanization were all new to the people of this time but it was running rampant throughout Britain and changes were fast approaching.

Because of this rise in power and greatness, there was a new middle class coming up with money made from the industrialization and their influence was to change contemporary ideals everywhere. Since this new middle class had new money, they required new homes that were filled with new furnishings that would rival the upper class in every way.
Victorian Furniture
These new furnishings took on the mystique of the older furnishings that the upper class had enjoyed for decades upon decades but they also brought about a style all their own. Because of the new factories and production models that were becoming so well known, this new middle class was able to take the older furniture styles and mass produce them with little to no design flaws.

Recreating the same handmade craftsmanship that the ancestral furniture had and still being able to make enough to meet the demands of the new wealth made it possible for many more people to enjoy.

The grace and fluidity of the Regency style furniture melted into a robust and heavy furniture with ornate decorations and dark luscious woods. Of course, there was no one set style as designers were able to let their imaginations run wild because of the new manufacturing techniques that were available to them.

This also allowed them to reproduce earlier styles of furniture that would have taken months in order to do by hand. The most common reproduction was of the Gothic revival style and was made from solid oak to show the sturdiness of England.

This furniture is now regarded as some of the best made furniture to ever come out of England. Most people aren’t even aware that pieces like this were produced in factories rather than created by hand like pieces before the industrial revolution. Now, these pieces of furniture are some of the most sought after pieces in history and they are still standing up to the passage of time.

The history of Victorian furniture is as rich as the wood that was used to make it. People around the world do everything they can in order to get just one piece of this furniture.

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